Trump Praised Hugh Hefner as an American Hero who Empowered and Uplifted Women

Donald Trump praised Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, describing him as an American hero who helped to empower and uplift American women.

The praise and comments were made at a dinner where Trump met with Hefner and a number of models.

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy founder passed away on 27th September at the age of 91 and has left a 31 year old widow. His magazine Playboy became famous for scantily dressed women and the ideas of “sexual liberation” that Hugh Hefner advocated.

Trump met and dined with Hugh Hefner several times before the former became President but was advised by his political aides to stay away from Hugh Hefner after he had been elected President.

This warning came after Trump’s now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where he was filmed saying he was a star and could just grab women by the P*ssy.

Hugh Hefner refused to defend Trump after his controversial Grab women by the P*ssy comments and their friendship hit an all time low.

Trump made the cover of Playboy and was said to be very proud of being on the cover of Playboy that he had a copy of the issue hung at a lobby at one of his hotels. He also had a few copies of the Playboy magazine on which he was featured laying around the living room and lobby of his apartment so visitors could read about his “tremendous” profile.

However, there have been claims by Hugh Hefner’s son that Trump had aggressively lobbied the Playboy editors to put him on the cover and that Hugh Hefner was personally unhappy about putting Trump on the cover but just let his editors do what they wished.

Hugh Hefner will be buried in Hollywood next to Marilyn Monroe. It is unknown if Trump will attend the funeral.