In a Month of Self-Inflicted Disaters by Trump, the only GOOD NEWS for him is that Twitter is to Increase Tweet Length to 280 Characters

Twitter is to help people who struggle to compose their thoughts and eloquently summarize them in 140 Characters by increasing the tweet length to 280 characters.

Among the people who will benefit greatly from this upgrade by Twitter is Donald Trump who some psychologists have warned could be nearing Twitter addiction, or even already addicted to Twitter.

“Twitter is like therapy for Trump. When he is frustrated, he runs to Twitter and starts ranting and sharing his thoughts and opinions. If Twitter blocked his account or banned him from the platform, Trump would be totally devastated,” says Mary Schmidt PhD, a psychologist who has analysed Trump’s psychological profile since 2016 when he was on the campaign trail.

“This upgrade will help Trump immensely. He obvious struggles to communicate and this can be seen by simply browsing through his tweets. Increasing the tweet length to 280 characters will definitely make him happy,” she added.

Trump is a prolific tweeter and is also well known for waking up at 3am while most of America sleeps and fire off a series of tweets before going back to sleep and then wake up at 6am to tweet.

Trump uses Twitter for campaigning, connecting with his fan base but also to announce new policies.

He stunned America early this summer when without warning his Military Generals and the Pentagon, he went on Twitter and announced that he had decided that Transgenders should be banned from serving in the Military with immediate effect.

Trump also used Twitter to post an incendiary and threatening tweet warning to “totally destroy” North Korea that was interpreted by the Kim Jong Un regime as a declaration of war.

Kim Jong Un has described Trump as a “dotard” and said that the 45th US President is mentally deranged.