Tony Blair DUMPED Millions of Third World Muslims on Britain and the Country is now facing the Consequences, Says Ann Coulter

Republican firebrand and Trump supporter Ann Coulter has said that Britons will continue to live in constant  fear of “Muslim attacks” as a result of their own policies that have allowed millions of “third world Muslims” to be brought into the country as part of the multi-cultural society initiatives.

Ann Coulter said: “Tony Blair dumped millions of third world Muslims on Britain to force Multiculturalism on the country. Now Britons are living with the result.”


Coulter also criticized US Presidents, claiming that, ” Since the 9/11 attacks, every U.S President has done the same. President Bush admitted Muslim immigrants at a faster pace after 9/11 than we had been doing before.”

“Now, we can’t get rid of them under the rules of political correctness. Western countries are prohibited from even pausing our breakneck importation of Muslims, much less sending the recent arrivals home,” Coulter added.

Britain has faced a series of major terrorist attacks this year, a bombing at a concert in Manchester that killed scores and maimed others, an attack at Westminster Bridge and Houses of parliament, an attack at the iconic London Bridge that saw a group of three terrorists drive a van into a crowd and then get out and stab and hack people at the bridge. Ann Coulter has blamed all these incidents on Muslims.

There was also a failed bomb attack at Parsons Green train station and Ann Coulter has also blamed this on Muslims and Islam.

Asked by a reporter if she thinks Muslims are not contributing to society in Western Countries, Coulter said that she doubts there is any Muslims with good intentions. “They don’t wish us well and only see us as infidels because we are not Muslims,” she claimed, before adding that all Muslims should be sent back to their “third world Muslim countries.”

“Poland doesn’t admit Muslims: It has no terrorism. Japan doesn’t admit Muslims: It has no terrorism. The United Kingdom and United States used to have very few Muslims: They used to have almost no terrorism. And when they started to admit Muslims, all hell broke loose!” Coulter argued.