British Far Right Nationalist Anne Marie Waters Has Double Crossed Nigel Farage and his Fans are trying to BLACKMAIL her

If you thought it can’t get any worse for Nigel Farage , then brace yourself for more surprises. A little known female politician has pretty much driven Farage out of UKIP and he is now in the process of registering a new Political Party.

British Far Right nationalist Anne Marie Waters has staged an audacious coup that has left Nigel Farage close to tears although many UKIP-ers expected it.

Anne Marie Waters is a right winger who has claimed that Sharia Law has no place in the modern world and insists that British Muslims should assimilate and adopt “100% British values”.

The power struggle between Nigel Farage and Anne Marie Waters started immediately after the Brexit referendum and it was partly the reason that Nigel Farage reluctantly stood down from his position as Party leader but he was expected to make a comeback.

Anne Marie Waters and senior UKIP members see Nigel Farage as a total failure especially after the empty promises he made to Party loyalists and the original deal he had with them.

The animosity between the two UKIP figure heads escalated when rumor spread between UKIP members that Anne Marie Waters had disrespected Farage by branding him as a failure after he repeatedly failed to get a seat in the British Parliament. She also reportedly mocked Farage after he was promised the job of British Ambassador to Washington but was left hanging in limbo after Theresa May ignored Trump’s request to appoint Farage as ambassador.

Nigel Farage’s then told UKIP Party faithfuls that he was to run for a British Parliamentary seat which would enable him to run for Prime Minister on the UKIP ticket. It ended in failure and Nigel has been working on radio and under-taking paid speaking jobs.

As reports that his contract at LBC radio is coming to a close and Fox News in America refuses to give him a full time slot, Farage announced that he was making a come back into British politics and he was flatly rejected by UKIP where Anne Marie Waters has gained much influence.

Farage is reported to be in talks with his financial backers to help him register a new Political Party but his vengeance is to be felt as his fans are already circulating malicious gossip about Anne Marie Waters on Twitter.

The story is still developing and we shall be updating it.