Boris Johnson Accused of Inviting Film Crew and Photographers on Trip to Storm Hit Islands to Milk Photo Opportunities!! See Pics

Boris Johnson has been branded cruel and insensitive after reports that he invited a film crew on his trip to Islands that were devastated by hurricane Irma to “milk” photo opportunities. The criticism comes after Boris Johnson posted photos of his trip on Social Media which experts say were carefully choreographed.

A former resident of Grenfell tower which was devastated by fire early this summer lashed out at Boris Johnson’s hypocrisy, saying that it is indeed honorable for Boris Johnson to travel to the British Virgin Islands to offer help and support but the reality was it was a public relations stunt.

“Victims of Grenfell tower are still waiting for help, many are homeless and lost everything and the Government forgot them. So how can they convince us that they are actually going to help the Caribbean Islands? If you can’t clean up your own backyard, how can people believe that you are going to genuinely clean your neighbour’s backyard?” Anthony Smith wrote on Facebook.

“After Brexit, people in the UK are jobless, uncertain about the future and he’s strutting around the Caribbean!” wrote a critic on Twitter who added in another tweet that that Boris Johnson and his cronies only see the British Virgin Islands as a tax haven.

Boris Johnson was savaged on Twitter and the full exchange is available at his Twitter handle @BorisJohnson but below we shall list a few of the messages angry users tweeted at the “future Prime Minister.”

“We know you only went there to ensure the safety of your offshore investments,” tweeted Jim Paterson.

“Always lovely to see the U.K helping those people and businesses in a tax haven while people in the UK use food banks,” tweeted Bruce Robertson.

“You can congratulate the film crew and photographers. You look like a Saviour and a Prime Minister already,” tweeted Patrick O’Hara.

“What a hypocrite! You continue to let down your own people everyday then have the guts to pose for photos in the Caribbean!” tweeted Sophie Walker.

“Very little evidence of compassion and competence in your track record Boris. You have prospered as a self-serving fraud. Why change now?” asked James Guspert.

To read the full exchange between the the Foreign Secretary and angry Britons, visit Boris Johnson’s twitter account @BorisJohnson