Nigel Farage Celebrates Milestone of 1 Million Followers on Twitter only to Find out that up to 60% of his Followers are FAKE Russian BOTS

Nigel Farage’s celebration of reaching the milestone of 1 million followers on Twitter suffered a major set-back after a Cyber Security expert warned that nearly 60% of his (Farage’s) followers were fake and “obviously” Russian bots.

“Just like his patron Trump, they are both followed heavily by bots on Social Media,” said Gerald M. Taylor , an expert on cyber security who has worked internationally helping corporations and Governments protect themselves against hackers and cyber criminals.

Mr Taylor, who holds a PhD in Computer Science said: “Trump is followed by over 15 million fake followers on Twitter and these are bots. Artificial Intelligence has become very sophisticated that these bots can easily imitate human behaviour on Social Media and this is exactly what is happening.”

Nigel Farage and President Donald Trump have forged a close friendship since the Brexit campaigns and Farage was invited to the US to join Trump during a campaign stop where he spoke and asked US voters to cast their votes for then candidate Trump.

Political experts say that since then, Trump and Farage have become a target of Russian hackers and Russian bots who have heavily influenced their opinions on Social Media.

Nigel Farage has been accused by some politicians of working actively to promote the agenda of the Kremlin by calling for the collapse and fall of the European Union.

Many believe that a weaker Britain and a weaker European Union will give Russia the upper hand in International affairs at the expense of a weaker Europe.

Political analysts have said that Russia is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Brexit, a sentiment that Nigel Farage continues to deny.

The far right nationalist took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone of 1 million followers, thanking his followers, many of whom have now been discovered to be fake Russian bots.

“Thank you for 1 million followers. Let’s keep winning,” the British far right nationalist and former leader of UKIP wrote on Twitter before receiving the news that many of the followers were bots.