HOPE HICKS: A Communications Director Who has Never Communicated and Why the RUMOURS are starting to Spread again!!!

“The Hope Hicks situation is a hopeless one,” said Andrew Jeffries, a political analyst from Washington DC who is currently writing a book about what happened during the 2016 Presidential election.

“Many people, and I’m sorry to generalise but they have a short attention span. Here we have a Communications Director who has never communicated. Never wrote a press release, never made a speech, never sent a tweet, never speaks to the Press, never makes a TV appearance, never speaks or even sends an email,” Mr Jeffries said.

“She draws a salary of $179,000 on top of other benefits like health care, security, allowances and yet when you study the situation carefully, you can tell that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the one doing her job!” Jeffries quipped.

Mr Jeffries says that even if he is no fan of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he would be happy if Ms Sanders can assume the role of Communications Director since she is the one who seems to be doing the Communications Director at the White House.

Mr Jeffries’ explanation makes sense. Hope Hicks has disappeared from public view since she was appointed the White House Communications Director following the ejection of Anthony Scaramucci who was fired after serving for 10 days in the job.

Many in Washington have queried about Hope Hicks’ and even asked if she’s qualified for the job.  Reports have emerged of a rift between her and Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is reported to resent the fact that she is doing all the work and pretty much running the Communications Department at the White House while her “boss” Hope Hicks is chilling out and protected from the Press who are asking tough questions and want answers.

The rumours about Hope Hicks started spreading over the weekend on social media with many speculating what exactly was her job specification and many asking why was Sarah Huckabee Sanders doing all the work by herself. All other Communications Directors have made speeches, press releases, TV interviews and the necessary White House Press Conferences.

Hope Hicks, who is reported to have an office next to the President’s Oval Office is likely to make history as the first Communications Director who served in an administration without actually Communicating!