Russians HACKED Melania Trump’s Social Media Accounts During Solar Eclipse, Says Cyber Security Expert

Russian hackers don’t sleep, they work around the clock looking for any vulnerabilities and the Solar Eclipse was the best time to catch Melania Trump offguard.

As the sun was blacked out across America and the nation thrown in total darkness, Russians were working tirelessly to make the most of the moment.

In America, the Solar Eclipse was a once in a life time opportunity, and millions took time off their jobs and businesses to go out and watch the event, a total solar eclipse that happens once every 99 years.

Trump and Melania joined the rest of America to celebrate the event and have a little fun.

Appearing at the patio of the White House, Melania, Donald and their young son Barron enjoyed the view, wearing the “solar eclipse glasses” except for the few moments when Donald Trump forgot to wear his protective glasses and glared straight at the eclipse. Melania immediately scolded him and told him to wear his protective glasses and also warned him that staring straight at the sun during a solar eclipse could have completely blinded him.

Trump sheepishly smiled and put the glasses on. The photos of the first couple and their son watching the eclipse were shared across America and everything seemed to be in order.

Back in Russia, the hackers were working non-stop, looking for any opportunity to hack, penetrate or pierce through the first family’s communication systems.

According to Victor Kaminsky PhD, a Cyber Security analyst who has worked in eastern Europe for Kaspersky Labs and Software, the hackers got what they wanted.

“Just an entry door, a tiny digital footprint say a tag, a mistaken DM, a reply to their message is all they need to get a ping back,” Kaminsky said.

“When Melania followed and tagged a fake Trump account on instagram, that was it! Remember many of the fake political accounts on instagram, Twitter and Facebook are mainly Russian bots or hackers. Melania followed and tagged @potus on instagram which is actually not Trump’s instagram account,” Kaminsky said.

“Trump’s instagram account is @realDonaldTrump. So by Melania tagging a fake Trump account, she created a digital footprint to a rogue social media account that could be owned by a Russian hacker or an account that can be easily hacked and accessed by a Russian hacker without the owner even knowing.”

“It is actually shocking that Melania doesn’t know her husband’s instagram account but the sad thing is that there is a real possibility that Melania has shared pics and DMs with this rogue account and this would be a real problem,” said Kaminsky who is compiling a report about the incident following the Solar Eclipse.

“Only Melania knows the answer if she has shared DMs and communications with the fake @potus instagram account and if she can provide this information then she can help the efforts to fight against Russian hackers,” Kaminsky said.

Melania has since unfollowed the fake @potus account and there has been speculation on cyber security forums that the owner of the fake@potus account which is followed by 11,000 people(or bots) has been handed a notice of 30 days to hand over the account.