Trump DUMPED his Ex-Lover because she was BLACK, then mocked the man he had stolen her from as a total LOSER on a Live Radio show

Donald Trump is known as a ruthless and merciless man but spare a thought for the black woman he dated for over a year, then suddenly dumped her because she was black!

The woman in question is a black model named Kara Young who has appeared in Playboy and Vogue Magazines.

Trump dated Young in 2001 after divorcing his second wife actress Marla Maples when their six-year marriage imploded. Trump then dumped her ruthlessly when he made Melania, sending her a text to let her know that it was all over.

In tears, Kara Young had tried to call Trump endless times to talk to him but she was told not to call his number ever again!

However, she wouldn’t go back to her original boyfriend whom Trump had stolen her from because Trump had already ruthlessly mocked the man, telling him he had taken his woman and was “enjoying” her. In fact it wasn’t even a man to man telephone call but instead Trump had called Howard Stern’s radio show, then publicly humiliated Kara Young’s then boyfriend telling listeners live on radio how he had taken the woman.

However, there was explanation from the man who lost the woman to Trump.  A.J. Benza, then a gossip columnist for New York Daily News had said at the time that Trump had taken the woman just to spite him. He explained that Trump had no interest in the woman at all and the relationship wouldn’t last. It actually didn’t last!

In a book titled ‘Ain’t Fame A B****’, Benza claimed that Young had left him for Trump in less slightly iffy circumstances.

“He doesn’t love or care about her, she’s just part of his malicious and scheming games to hurt me because I’m a journalist and when he’s game is over, he will dump her,” Benza had said at the time.

When he dumped her finally after meeting Melania, dating experts wrote on social media that Trump had dumped her because she was black.

Other allegations surfaced online from close friends of the then couple that Trump had insisted that Kara Young identifies as bi-racial rather than black.

Kara Young has a black mother and White father and no longer identifies as black ever since meeting Trump. She now identifies as bi-racial. Friends who knew her before she met Trump remember her comfortable with identifying as black.

Most mixed race people identify as black and it’s not a problem. I’m mixed race/bi-racial too as I have a black father and white mother but for simplicity I just identify as black and don’t see any problem with that.

To read the whole story about Trump’s indiscretions with Kara Young, follow this story to the Daily Star.

Story by A.D Samuels