Trump Supporters have gone NUTS and started Burning his Make America Great HATS, they say they’re tired of his DRAMA!!!!

The honeymoon did not take long; Trump supporters are just as unpredictable as their idol but this time the situation has just got worse- they have turned and on him and some have even called for his impeachment on social media.

“I’ve had enough of this drama, it can’t go on like this. If he gets impeached then he gets impeached. I can’t continue supporting someone who says one thing and does the opposite,” said Jerome Isaacs before he took off his “Make America Great Again” hat, threw it on the floor, then set it on fire using a cigarette lighter.

The stunt, broadcast live on instagram illustrates the growing discontent among Trump’s fan base. They feel the President has not been radical enough and has failed to fulfil all the promises he made on the campaign trail.

“I’d pee on this hat if i could but I can’t do that on video, so I will set it on fire because we have been conned, Trump’s promises were all a scam,” said a middle aged man who did not give his name.

“I’m burning this hat because I don’t believe in MAGA. We were conned,” he added after reading a brief Press release from the White House saying that the United States had decided at the last minute not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. While the Statement from the White House was vague, it was intended to let people know that the US was now not withdrawing from Climate Change Accord after all. The White House change of heart comes after two Hurricanes devastated Houston, Texas and Florida, leaving some cities in both States submerged in water and properties totally damaged.

“But Trump made a speech and said he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord? So what now? He all of a sudden believes in Climate Change and global warming?” he asked as the hat he had set on fire was burning to ash.

The outrage came after a series of policy changes by Trump. Last week, Trump announced that he was to make a deal on DACA and made it clear that he was granting amnesty to the Dreamers- undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children by their parents.

This made many of Trump supporters unhappy, because they want all immigrants and foreigners deported and feel Trump has betrayed them by giving amnesty to the Dreamers.