15 Year Old Who Shot and Killed Classmate, Wounded Others, was Obsessed with School Shootings

The teenage gunman who opened fire on classmates at a Washington high school was obsessed with school shootings, according to his classmates and others who knew him.

Caleb Sharpe took two weapons from his dad’s gun safe before killing one student and wounding three others at Freeman High School outside of Spokane, according to court documents.

Sam Strahan, a sophomore who police say walked up to Sharpe and tried to make him stop, was identified as the slain victim, with three girls surviving the attack.

“I always knew you were going to shoot up the school. You know that is going to get you in trouble,” Strahan reportedly said before he died, according to court records seen by The Spokesman-Review

On his instagram pictures, he posed as The Joker in The Dark Knight and also posted a picture of him holding a bullet.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich blamed society at large during a Thursday press conference, saying that both children and parents need to speak up about what they hear and act on it.

“We have some kids that are in need of some very severe help and we as a society are not giving them that help,” he told reporters.

Sharpe’s mother knew that he had recently written a suicide note, and the school counselor also knew about the student’s thoughts about self-harm, according to the court documents.

A friend of the teen also said that Sharpe was obsessed with other school shootings, and brought a note to school earlier in the year saying he might do “something stupid” that could lead him to death or jail.

Sharpe had also showcased his love for guns online, with videos showing him mock-executing a friend with an Airsoft gun and appearing to hold a real rifle.

His father told police that his son knew the combination to his gun safe, according to the Spokesman-Review.

Spokane County officials said that a custodian, yet to be identified, stopped the shooting and took the gunman to ground before he was put in handcuffs by a school resource officer.

The shooter’s family say that he had mental health problems.

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