Rush Limbaugh Fled by Private Jet after telling Florida Residents that Hurricane Irma was a HOAX and they shouldn’t Evacuate

Right wing conservative pundit and radio jock Rush Limbaugh fled Florida aboard his private jet hours after telling his listeners not to panic and evacuate because the official reports about Hurricane Irma were a hoax and “liberal conspiracy” intended to goad people into panic buying hence make profits for super markets and bottled water companies.

Limbaugh attacked the media and blamed them for misinformation and also blasted environmentalists and people talking about global warming and climate change. He singled out that ahead of the storm,people were buying and stocking so much bottled water that some super markets were running out of stocks and failing to catch up with the demand. Limbaugh said that the super markets and bottled water companies had cashed in on the crisis and hence making a lot of money by pushing more people into panic buying.

Hours after Rush Limbaugh had made comments on his radio show, he was advised by his minders that the storm had got severe and he had to leave as soon as possible. His radio show went off air as Limbaugh and his team fled Florida. They left by private jet just before some airport runways were bogged down by flood waters.

Limbaugh’s listeners tuned into the show to listen to their favorite talk show only to find automated messages on radio and online saying the show had been suspended due to “unexpected circumstances”.

“Disappointed.That’s all i can say. Imagine all the destruction that has happened yet all he told us was that it was a hoax. I actually believed everything he said. Else I’d have driven out of Florida days ago when the evacuation notices started,”said Sara Evans, a 44 year old teacher.

The uproar reached Facebook where some of Rush Limbaugh’s fans claimed that he had misled them.

Rush Limbaugh is now trying to push back and deny the comments but these were made on radio and recorded. Our reporter listened to the audio files and says that Rush Limbaugh should only acknowledge his mistake and apologize to his fans.

Rush Limbaugh joins a host of Conservatives and Republicans who insist that Climate Change and global warming are a hoax by the liberal media.

Rather than study global warming and note the drastically erratic weather patterns, Conservatives blame the storms, hurricanes and erratic weather patterns on bigoted beliefs and have in the past few weeks said hurricanes are a punishment from God to America for accepting and legalizing gay marriage.