A Video of Trump Saying “We need Some Global Warming in America” Shocks the INTERNET after Hurricane Harvey, Irma ( See video in story)

A video of Trump speaking to his supporters and telling them categorically that “we need more global warming in America” is going viral on the internet after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas, leaving a big chunk of Houston submerged in water and lives and properties destroyed.

Before the situation even calms down in Houston, Hurricane Irma has thrashed most of Florida, damaging properties and reports also are emerging of lives lost in the storm. Storm Irma approached Florida from the Caribbean Islands which have been even more damaged and destroyed as they took in the storm at the peak of its strength.

Many lives , properties and businesses have consequently been destroyed. Trump’s luxury properties in the Caribbean are also reported to have been destroyed but fortunately for him, his properties are heavily insured and it is his insurers who will suffer financially. Trump is expected to squeeze millions of dollars out of his insurers when the storm is finally over.

The video that is now going viral of him mocking environmentalists and calling for “global warming to come” was filmed during one of Trump’s rallies during the 2016 Presidential campaigns.

In the video, Trump mocks then President Barack Obama for his concerns on Climate Change, the environment and global warming. He also goes on to question the I.Q of the people who talk about global warming.

Trump and many Republicans continue to deny the effects of Climate Change on society. They also say global warming is a hoax.

In fact, many high profile Republicans, Evangelical Christians and Trump supporters have blamed the recent hurricanes and storms on “America’s immorality.” They say the storms in Texas and Florida are a punishment from God to America for legalizing and accepting gay marriage and gay sex.

Ann Coulter, a high profile Trump supporters has gone on the record to push the conspiracy that the Houston floods are a punishment to Houston for electing a gay Mayor. Houston’s former Mayor is openly gay.

Trump famously said that Global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese to hamper American Industrial growth and output by making America put limits on its emissions.

In fact, Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Change Accord.