Republicans are now blaming Obama for Trump’s Mental health problems, Pointing to a Dinner Hosted in April 2011 where they say all Problems begun

Members of the alt-right and many Republicans have made the most ridiculous claims and bizarre excuses ever, blaming Obama for Trump’s melt-down and mental health problems that are clearly affecting his Presidency, after spending even less than a year in office.

The people blaming Obama for Trump’s melt down all point to a dinner in 2011 in Washington DC where Trump was invited and Barack Obama was a speaker. It was supposed to be a night of good food and laughter and political jokes and Obama made a few jokes at the expense of Trump. Everyone at the dinner laughed except Trump who just angrily glared at the then President speaking at the podium. Now Trump supporters claim that the jokes poked at Trump went too far and threw him off balance mentally!

Here’s how it all unfolded at theWhite House Correspondent’s dinner in Washington and how a pundit from extra feed news explains it:

“It was supposed to be a dinner full of laughter and political fun-poking but President Barack Obama had heard enough of Manhattan billionaire Donald Trump’s birther accusations and set about giving the bombastic real estate tycoon a verbal flaying during a scorching speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

POTUS44’s razor sharp, ego-piercing, caustic one-liners had the entire audience of Washington’s press elite, television news hosts, network executives, and celebrities howling.

All the while, Mr. Trump sat stoically, staring straight ahead — silent, solemn, and unsmiling, while apparently setting a course of future revenge on all of Mr. Obama policies and legislative achievements. It is a misguided course that no sane president could ever conceive of or commit himself.”

Psychologists conclusively agree. One prominent East Coast mental health expert says that the only diagnosis that adequately explains all of President Trump’s unhinged, impulsive, and reckless decisions “is a deep psychosis caused by Mr. Obama’s teasing, taunting, and surgically-delivered derision that April night.”

But there is a silver-lining here. If President Obama’s mockery on a single occasion in 2011 left Mr. Trump so totally unglued he re-prioritized his entire life, then turning up the jibes, insults, and ridicule should render him certifiably insane. Which would make imposing the 25th Amendment, allowing for a president to be removed if he is unfit to serve, inevitable.

So it is not surprising that Trump’s only motivation so far in his Presidency seems to simply destroy and repeal all the policies that Obama initiated. Trump is driven by a strong desire to revenge against Obama and to repeal Obamacare, to reverse the American-Cuban relations, to immediate initiate the transgender ban in the military, end the Dreamers programme, among other key policies.

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