Ann Coulter, Trump supporters Say that Houston Floods are a Punishment from God to America for Legalizing Gay Marriage

Republican fire-brand and Trump supporter Ann Coulter has claimed that hurricane Harvey and the subsequent floods that have swept across parts of Texas and devastated Houston are a punishment from God to America for legalizing same-sex marriage.

Ann Coulter, who is the author of “In Trump We Trust” and wants Trump to remove “all foreigners and Muslims” from the United States made the ridiculous comments, pointing out that at one point Houston elected a Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker.

However, the stunned former Mayor Ms Parker after hearing the comments said, “Darn it, I didn’t know I had control over the weather.” The former Mayor refused to go into a spat with Ann Coulter and declined to comment further on the speculation by Ms Coulter and Trump supporters that the hurricane and floods are a punishment from God.

To read more on Ann Coulter’s claim on same sex marriage being the likely cause of the Houston floods, follow this link to The Independent.

Ann Coulter has become an outspoken figure in Republican and tea party circles and has views that some pundits have claimed could easily amount to hate speech.

Coulter has been one of the most ardent fans and supporters of all Trump’s policies and a supporter of the border wall. Coulter has also claimed that Trump is the new messiah and without him America will be overrun by foreigners and Muslims.

Coulter also said she stands with Trump 100% on his transgender ban in the military, claiming that God would be happy and proud of the changes that Trump has made in American society in the past few months.

Trump supporters and many in the far-right are driven by hate and intolerance and see gay marriage as a very un-American way of life and with no place in Trump’s America.

Ann Coulter has spoken negatively about Mexicans , Muslims and all foreigners living in America, blaming them for the rise in crime in the inner cities.

Banned from speaking at an alt-right rally at University of California at Berkley because of her radical and fiery views, Coulter has labelled the University of California “a thuggish institution”.