JUST IN: Trump is BANNED From Donating to Hurricane Harvey Victims or Doing Charity work because his Charity Organisations are being investigated for PONZI style SCAMS

Donald Trump will not be allowed to donate $1 million to hurricane Harvey efforts because his Charity Organisations are under investigation for scamming the American people for many years, probably decades.  Until the investigations into the “scamming activities” into Trump’s Charity organisations are finished, Trump is literally banned from any charitable activities or from making donations. The New York Attorney General is investigating Trump’s activities.

“It’s my understanding that [the Trump Foundation] can’t make donations now, while it’s under investigation by NY AG,” Washington Post‘s David Farenthold tweeted Friday night.

The tweet was in response to White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ saying she hadn’t yet asked the president whether the funds would come from Trump’s personal checkbook or from his foundation.

Donald Trump, the President’s son also ran a charity that is under investigation after it was revealed that the “charitable organisation” was funnelling money donated to the charity to be used for personal reasons or to pay for events. The money funnelled out of these charities in some way ended directly in Trump’s pocket.

The Eric Trump Foundation is also under investigation by the New York AG after reports revealed the father and son foundations were “self-dealing” funds to each other.

Eric Trump was the patron of St.Jude’s Children Hospital and used his high profile to raise millions of dollars for the hospital. An investigation later revealed that Eric Trump was funnelling millions of dollars from St.Jud’s Children’s hospital into his father’s organisation and businesses.

Follow this link to find the detailed report on how money from Eric Trump charity foundation was shifted into his father’s businesses can be found on CNN

St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital has since severed all ties with Eric Trump and his father.

So while Trump made headlines after saying he will donate $1 million to hurricane Harvey victims, few Americans knew that actually Trump’s charity organisations are under investigation for misappropriation of the millions of dollars they have collected over the years meant to help the causes they claim to support.

Until those investigations are finalized, Trump and his family are not allowed to be involved in Charitable organisations, raising funds for charity, or making donations.

However, Trump can continue to raise funds for campaigns and political reasons as this operates under different regulations as Charitable giving.

Trump also pledged $1 million to hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey in 2012 but 5 years later, they have never seen a dime!

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