Trump to “Donate” $1 Million to Hurricane Victims But he made similar “Donations” in a 2012 Hurricane Sandy Storm in New Jersey and the victims are still waiting!!

Donald Trump has pledged to give $1 million to help the people affected by hurricane Harvey in Texas and this pledge has been received with applause and great thanks from the main stream media. Again, Trump has managed to play the main stream media, getting his publicity for “good deeds” that may never happen.

A pledge is simply an empty promise until the money is actually given. Trump understands this and that’s why instead of writing a $1 million check, he’d rather give a pledge.

Given the history of Trump’s previous pledges which Trump never honoured, there is no guarantee that his latest pledge to donate $1 Million to the people affected by the devastating storm is genuine and that he will actually honour the pledge.

When hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, Trump called the Governor of New Jersey’s mansion to offer his support.  Chris Christie’s wife answered the phone and after a brief discussion, Trump offered to make a big donation to help the victims of the storm. “Just tell me the price and I will send the check,” he said. He then came to an accepted amount of $1 million dollars and he said he will send the check. That was 2012. Until now, the people in New Jersey are still waiting!

In another case, Trump made a $ 1 million “donation” that he never honoured. It was only after reporters discovered it and put him to task that he then honoured the pledge.

Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold noted that Trump also pledged $1 million to a veterans group. It was only after reporters revealed the donation never came, that Trump was finally forced to give. He’s only given $1 million donations twice ever.

Trump has a controversial relationship with charities and with donations. He has hosted his son’s charities at his golf clubs claiming that he does not charge charities to host fundraising events at his properties. Financial records however revealed that Trump was charging steep fees for charities to use his properties for fundraising activities. One charity in question is St.Jude’s children’s hospital which was forced to end its relationship with Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son after wide concerns of financial irregularities. There were allegations that Eric Trump and Trump himself were taking money from St. Jude Children’s Hospital and then using that money to fund their own organisations.

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