Ivanka Trump Just Can’t be BOTHERED with all the talk of Women’s Rights and Empowerment

The mainstream media have just woken up from their self-inflicted stupor(similar to a drunken stupor), woken up from their faith and hope in Ivanka Trump after touting her since the start of Trump’s Presidency as the “sobering voice in the White House”, as the “defender of women’s rights”, “the calming influence on her father.”

It’s something the Mainstream Media should have seen but totally failed on several occasions.

The Mainstream media was so impressed by Ivanka Trump that for the past several months all they did was praise her with claims that she would guide her father in making important decisions. They said she’d be the champion of women, she’d be the champion of the LGBT community, she’d be the champion to fight the battle of moderates from inside the White House.

Trump has just rolled back Barack Obama’s policy on equal pay and reports say that Ivanka Trump fully supported her father.

The Guardian reports: This week, for example, the Trump administration decided to do away with a policy that would have mandated employers document their workers’ pay alongside gender and race information and provide it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The idea is that requiring this kind of accountability from employers will help to narrow the wage gap. Tracy Sturdivant, executive director of Make It Work, called the administration’s decision “an unacceptable and deliberate attack on women in the workplace, especially black and Hispanic women”.

Given Ivanka’s “Women Who Work” campaign and her repeated claim that she wants to level the playing field for women’s wages, you would think the businesswoman would have rallied support to keep the policy in place – or at the very least disagreed with her father’s decision. (“Where I disagree with my father, he knows it and I express myself with total candor,” she once told Gayle King on CBS.)

Instead, Ivanka supported her father’s move, releasing a flat statement that claimed while “the intention was good … the proposed policy would not yield the intended results”. Watch out, Gloria Steinem!

It’s become a pattern: Ivanka claims to care about an issue, her father does something horrible, Ivanka says and does nothing.

But this is nothing new. When Trump imposed a Transgender ban in the military, Ivanka Trump who is his influential daughter and Presidential advisor said and did nothing. She did not even provide a word of support to the LGBT community. Before the Transgender ban however, Ivanka had posted messages on Twitter thanking the LGBT community and offering to provide them support where need be.

And when her father signed the Transgender ban, she was not willing to provide any support.  Her silence indicated that she was conniving with her father 100%. It is high time the main stream media woke up to the fact that Ivanka is working to advance her father’s agenda and all the tall tales of Ivanka being a champion of women’s rights should end.

To read more on the developing story about Ivanka supporting her father’s reversal of Obama’s policy on equal rights, follow this link to The Guardian.