California Bakery Run By Christians Refuses to Make Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

A California bakery run and owned by Christians has refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple clearly indicating that gay marriage is against their Christian faith. Instead, the bakery has politely referred the gay couple to another baker who may be willing to make the cake for them.

According to 23ABC News, the Christian owners of Tastries Bakery in Bakesrfield told local Sam Salazar that they would not make the cake he requested after he told them it would be for a gay wedding.

Salazar, wrote in a Facebook post that; “Tastries Bakery… we went with some friends to do a cake tasting for a wedding cake and we were referred to another bakery. Apparently they don’t believe in same sex marriage so they refused to make the cake. I’m not even sure how to react or feel right now. So just be aware if you choose to spend your money there.”

Cathy Miller, the owner of the Bakery did not deny the accusations and spoke about the matter.

“Here at Tastries, we love everyone. My husband and I are Christians and we know that God created everyone and he created everyone so equal so it’s not that we don’t like people of certain groups , there’s just some things that violate my conscience,” she explained, adding that she actually referred Salazar to another bakery.

“My conscience will not allow me to participate in things that I feel are wrong,” she said. “Our business is God’s business, we work for him. Participating in the celebration of a same-sex marriage goes against my conscience. I shouldn’t be picked on because of my beliefs.

The case has caused uproar on social media with many Americans criticizing the Christian woman for her “bigotry” and “intolerance”. Jacob Walker wrote, “it’s unbelievable that in the 21st century we can still find a situation where a gay couple are denied a service just because they are gay. All people are created equal and there shouldn’t be a place for prejudice in American society.”

Others wrote on social media suggesting that the gay couple should sue the bakery for “discrimination” and speculated that such a lawsuit could even bankrupt the bakery since it’s against the law in the United States to discriminate against people because of their sexuality.

Conservatives and Trump supporters however supported the bakery and said no business should be forced to carry out a service that is against their principles and ethics.

Members of a Facebook group named Donald Trump 2020 said that should the gay couple take legal action against the owners of the bakery, they will set up a crowd funding page to raise money to help the bakery in legal fees.

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