Michael Moore Says Trump Will LOSE the Popular Vote in 2020 But still Remain President after Winning the Electoral College- Same as the 2016 Elections

Michael Moore, the documentary film-maker behind award winning documentaries like Farenheight 9/11 and Dude Where’s My Country has taken the podium again and spoken out, making predictions for the political future of the United States.

Michael Moore, who famously and accurately predicted the results of the 2016 Presidential elections, is back in the game, predicting what will happen in the 2020 Presidential elections, and he may turn out to be right.

The film maker says that millions of Americans, even a bigger number than 2016 will vote against Trump making him lose the popular vote by a very big percentage but the nature of the Democratic System in America that sees the Electoral College votes determine who becomes President will hand the White House keys to Trump again.

In the 2016 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a very big margin; almost 3 million votes and then lost the Electoral College by 77,000 votes in total in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and Trump became President.

This is what Michael Moore predicts is likely to happen again in the 2020 Presidential election, seeing Trump take the White House again.

“I should say re-appointed, because we will have an even larger population that will vote against him in 2020,” Moore says in a recent interview with Fast Company. “But he will win those electoral states as it stands now.”

Moore also says we have to get people united behind the most viable candidate–whoever that will be–battling Trump for the presidency in the next election. “Eight million Obama voters voted for Trump. We just need to convince a few of them–hold out our hand and bring them back. Can we do that? I think we can do that,” Moore says. “You know, there were seven-and-a-half million that voted Green or Libertarian. I think we can convince a few of them to come back. We don’t need to convince a whole lot here.”

“Here’s the good news: We don’t have to convince a single Trump voter to vote differently because we already have the majority,” Moore says, pointing out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

“But we do have to do some work to bring in people who would be sympathetic,” he says, “and maybe they were justifiably upset, angry, and hurt and whatever, and we get that. But now they’ve seen how dangerous it is to have him as president of the United States. So I think we can bring enough people back.”