Rex Tillerson’s PUBLIC SNUB of Trump STUNS Fox News Reporter, Sends SHOCKWAVES among Republicans (See VIDEO)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has served America diligently and with honor since appointed by Trump as Secretary of State and he has been diplomatic at all times, getting on with his work clocking the air miles as he visits Europe, Russia, Asia that many Americans assumed that he’d side with Trump on all issues.

So after the Charlottesville riots, many Republicans expected Mr Tillerson, America’s top diplomat to support Trump entirely but Tillerson has made his position clear; asked if he defends and accepts Trump’s speech and words in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots, he indicated to the interviewer in the best way possible that he has a mind of himself, can think independently from Trump and doesn’t have to support and follow Trump blindly.

He told the stunned Fox News reporter that, “the President speaks for himself”, thereby clearly distancing himself clearly from the President’s support of White Supremacists that were on display at Charlottesville.

Rex Tillerson has proved that he has the quality that has been lacking in many, if not all senior Republican positions. He can take dare to have an opposite opinion from Trump- and publicly.

Tillerson made it clear that he works for the American people and represents the values of American people and not the President’s values.

Many Republicans have taken to social media to blame Tillerson for not supporting Trump when he needs the most support.

Read the transcript below:

WALLACE: And when the president gets into the kind of controversy he does and the U.N. committee response the way it does, it seems to say they begin to doubt are — whether we’re living those values.

TILLERSON: I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values or the commitment of the American government or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.

WALLACE: And the presidents values?

TILLERSON: The president speaks for himself, Chris.

WALLACE: Are you separating yourself from that, sir?

TILLERSON: I’ve spoken – I’ve made my own comments as to our vales as well in a speech I gave to the State Department this past week.