Trump’s America: Neo-Nazis have VANDALIZED a Minnesota Golf Course, branding it with a Nazi Swastika

Never before in modern America have neo-Nazis reared their ugly heads and become so prominent, confident and aggressive to push their agenda to the mainstream public without any fear of the law or legal consequences.

Owners of a Minnesota Golf Club woke up to find their golf course vandalized and branded with a Nazi swastika, a symbol of Nazis and White Supremacists.

Mowers at Crystal Lake Golf Course were the first to discover the symbol gouged into the turf as they cut the putting surfaces. After police came by to take a report, the section of green was replaced without incident before any golfers reached the hole.

Crystal Lake is an 18-hole facility in Lakeville, Minnesota, twenty miles south of Minneapolis. An attendant at the pro shop Wednesday morning acknowledged the incident, but he made it clear that this behavior was unwelcome at Crystal Lake.

Initially, there was confusion after the discovery of the Nazi symbol at the Golf course, with some people commenting on Social media that it was not a big deal and it was a “result of kids playing around” and “kids being kids” but no one would provide evidence that they had seen the kids , or identify the kids so the Police and authorities can talk to their parents and educate the kids about the seriousness of the Nazi symbol.

Other commentators were angry that some people would choose to pin blame on kids without any evidence,

Another conspiracy on the incident was that the excuse of blaming the unknown kids was to try to make light of the incident.

The Police will continue to investigate the incident until they find the people responsible for the vandalism and Nazi signage.

Crystal Lake Golf Club put out the following Statement after the incident:


As many of you are aware, we were recently the victim of vandalism at our course. A vandal(s) carved a swastika into one of our greens.

We would first like to apologize to anyone who has had to view the image in the press. Second, we would like to firmly state how hurt and saddened we are that we were the victim of such a crime. We, in no way, stand for anything remotely related to that symbol, and we hope that swift justice is brought to the perpetrator(s) of this crime.

We quickly repaired the green prior to opening the course that day, and again extend our deepest apologies to anyone who viewed this image on our course.

We encourage you to join us in our hope that nobody else in our community is affected by any kind of similar crime while the accused are still at large……….END of statement

Such incidents have become common, even prominent during Trump’s Presidency. The Confederate flags, Nazi flags are now selling like hot cakes and people dealing in such merchandise are said to be seeing a surge in interest and making a lot of money.

A woman who stocks and sell Confederate flags in Virginia said she had to hire extra staff to help her business and even then, they just can’t cope with the demand. For more news on the story, follow the link below: