Here’s why Boris Johnson is Likely to be FIRED on return from Libya trip

Boris Johnson’s trip has raised eyebrows and caused concern among the Conservative Party top brass.  His endless gaffes are nothing new but this time he took it really too far.

We can all agree that Theresa May is not the most popular person in Britain at the moment but that doesn’t mean that Boris Johnson should continue poking fun at her. If anything, Boris Johnson should work hand in hand with Theresa May to make sure they can make their agenda successful.

Theresa May does not owe Boris Johnson anything and has actually been generous to him. After the disastrous Brexit vote, David Cameron resigned, George Osborne found himself in political limbo and Boris Johnson was headed in the same direction.

Theresa May gave him a second chance and appointed him the Foreign Secretary which he should be grateful for but rather, he only has his eyes set on a higher goal- to become Tory leader and eventually Prime Minister.  All this is fair but his continued jibes at Theresa May are just becoming a regular thing and Theresa May will reach a point where she can’t stand it anymore.

He is currently in Libya trying to forge new ties and see how Britain can help Libya rebuild itself after it was bombed to pieces by European Super powers just a few years ago.  Libyan dictator Muammar Khadaffi was killed in the uprising and the country has descended into total civil war and become overrun by terrorist affiliated groups fighting for control over the country’s wealth and oil reserves.

In Libya, Boris Johnson has said that Britain will help to rebuild the now war torn Libya and also advise them not to rush into elections like “Theresa May did.” Boris Johnson always takes every opportunity to highlight Theresa May’s mistakes and weaknesses.

When Mr Johnson landed in Libya, some Libyans who are not well versed with international affairs thought he was the British Prime Minister and this could have flattered him.

A local FM radio station erroneously reported that the British Prime Minister was visiting the country and later corrected the mistake after a listener called into the radio programme.

But even some of the soldiers who greeted Boris Johnson on the tarmac when his plane landed in Libya thought the same thing.

The Libyan Military Music Brigade then played ceremonial tunes to honour Boris Johnson but were caught off-guard when, according to reports, Boris asked them to play the British National Anthem and with the soldiers having never played it before simply ruined it.

It was described by some in the media as “the most awkward rendition” of God Save the Queen!