How Europe Sees Trump: The latest issue of Influential German magazine Stern has portrayed Donald Trump wrapped in an American flag whilst giving the Hitler salute!!

The weekly magazine, widely popular and influential in German and European politics has portrayed Trump as a lover of neo-Nazis and White Supremacists and as a President who has in less than a year in office, driven America onto the brink of racial and civil strife.

The Stern Magazine cover comes several days after the Charlottesville protests in which Trump supporters turned up wearing military gear, waving Nazi flags, Confederate flags and also made Nazi salutes. At the protest, a Trump supporter and neo-Nazi intentionally drove his car into a crowd, killing 1 woman and severely injuring dozens of other protestors.

Trump refused to criticize the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists and said they were “very fine people” protesting against the removal of the Confederate Statues. The statues in question are statues of Confederate Generals who fought against the US Government because of one issue- Slavery. The Confederate generals wanted to continue with their “tradition” of slavery in the Deep South while the US government wanted to end Slavery of African Americans after 400 years. The Confederate generals and many soldiers fought and died for their “right” to keep slaves and continue a system of slavery that had been established for four centuries.

“Those beautiful statues of Confederate soldiers should not be removed as they represent our history and culture,” Trump cried out in a speech in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests.

In Germany and most of Europe, Donald Trump is hated and despised for his misogyny, his racial slurs, his mistreatment and objectification of women and above all for his policies that are attacking the very fundamentals of freedom in the 21st Century.

In Britain, Trump is even not allowed to set foot there. He has had to cancel a State visit that was due this summer after millions of Britons took to social media, signed petitions and wrote letters to their local politicians making it clear that they did not want Trump to visit the Country.

Trump had pressed ahead for the visit, requesting for a full state visit with honours although British Members of parliament had made it clear that he could visit but wouldn’t be given the honour to address Parliament. Among the requests by Trump was to ride in the Queen’s Golden  horse drawn Chariot although the London Police advised that such a ride through London would cause problems as he would be exposed. The Police insisted that he should drive in his official protected Limousine.

Altogether, the visit was scrapped when it became clear that the City of London would be brought to a stand-still by protestors should Trump visit.

In Germany, Trump is despised not only by the whole public but also by the Government.

Angela Merkel has said that with Trump’s attitude, it is time for Europe to stop looking to the US as an ally and instead forge their own destiny as a European bloc, strengthen their own military and their economies.