Remember the NEO-NAZI racist who CRIED on Video after Learning there was a Warrant for his Arrest? He then went on the Run, right? You won’t believe how it’s all ended

Christopher Cantwell (in the photo in a black T-shirt with words ‘Radical Agenda’) made a name for himself in the alt-right circles at the Charlottesville protests, spraying people with tear gas, racially insulting protestors, making Nazi salutes and marching with other White Supremacists.

What he didn’t know was that for all his criminal activities, he was being filmed on tape and the footage of him and other White Supremacists just went viral.

He insulted Jews, black people and people of colour, all his antics being filmed. He got his 15 minutes of fame; after all, VICE media, the documentary film makers came looking for him after seeing his footage and hearing his opinions. The documentary makers wanted to include him in part of their film on the White Supremacists’ role in Charlottesville protests.

He asked how VICE had come to know about him and they told him he was all over the news. They showed him the footage and also gave him some news; the police were looking for him.

VICE reporters explained to him that there was a warrant out for his arrest for his role in the Charlottesville protests and his criminal behaviour at the same protests. He immediately broke down and cried while being filmed by VICE. The video of Christopher Cantwell crying after learning there was a warrant for his arrest immediately went viral.

He cut the interview short and went on the run, disappearing for a good number of days and all attempts by police to find him were futile.

The police contacted him on his social media accounts asking him to hand himself in but all he did was to shut down all his social media accounts after deleting his pictures and his racist posts.

But they say you can run but you can’t hide, right? Well, Christopher Cantwell just realized that.

The New Hampshire resident surrendered to police in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is currently being held at the regional jail as he awaits transport to Charlottesville.

For the full story and other developments on his case , follow this link to CNN