“We Need Our Bikers to Keep People Safe!” Bikers for Trump Organization Wants to Take Over Police Work at Trump Rally in Phoenix

Bikers for Trump, an organisation of motorcyclists not affiliated to a specific Government body or law enforcement organisation has said in a statement that “they will be keeping people safe at a Trump rally in Phoenix.”

According to The Washington Times, Bikers for Trump organisation has called many of their members to come to Phoenix to keep the peace.

“Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe,” Bikers for Trump Arizona Cobra Chapter says in a “call to action” to the group’s members — in anticipation of a possible encounter with anti-Trump protesters, who will assemble at the arena an hour before Mr. Trump steps on stage in the early evening.

“They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people outside waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate. That is why we need to be there,” the notice explained.

It is unknown if Bikers for Trump have the legal authority to patrol and control crowds in a public space but more likely they do not. It remains the duty of local Police and law enforcement to keep peace and control crowds in a public space as they have the mandate of the Government.

There will be protests at Trump’s rally in Phoenix and a fear of the deadly violence that broke out in Charlottesville that led to the death of Heather Heyer and serious injuries to many when a neo-Nazi Trump supporter intentionally drove his vehicle into a crowd of protestors.

Law enforcement is expected to be well prepared to avoid being caught off-guard like what happened in Charlottesville.

Trump’s speech in Phoenix will be expected to be his chance to reconnect with his loyal supporters as this has been a successful strategy for him, using Twitter and campaign style rallies to reconnect with his support base.

He will be expected to attack what he calls “fake news” in his speech and also expected to ramp up his rhetoric .