Is Ivanka Trump A Good Role Model For Young American Women? Yes or no?

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have carved themselves very high profile roles in Trump’s administration.

Many Americans have had hope in Ivanka to be the best adviser who can steer her father from his ultra conservative beliefs and steer her into the views and beliefs of modern America.

For instance pundits have claimed that Ivanka Trump has much respect for the LGBT community and would like to advance their causes. These pundits point to Ivanka Trump’s tweets from months ago when she thanked the LGBT community for their contribution to America.

So while Donald Trump is not friendly to the LGBT community, it has been expected that her daughter and advisor Ivanka will influence him and guide him to understand the struggles of the LGBT community.

It is worth noting that Ivanka moved to the White House even before Trump’s wife Melania and at some point there was confusion if she’d be performing the duties of the First lady but she cleared that up eloquently and said she will only be performing her duty as the First daughter and an advisor.

Since she joined Trump at the White House, Ivanka has become a darling and a heroine in the Republican Party, the Breitbart circles and the alt-right.

Ivanka, like her father President Trump has a gift of writing and has so far become author of two books which have been hailed by Fox News as some of the best literally works about American life and business.

She has been hailed an icon and a role model by Breitbart and several Conservative websites who hail her as a good example  whom young American women can look up to.

She has been portrayed as a tireless worker, a champion of women’s rights, a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, and a sobering voice in Washington.

She famously sat in for her father at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in July and she will be leading the US delegation to India where she will speak on issues of business and women empowerment.

While she’s obviously highly admired in the Conservative and Breitbart circles, there has been some criticism in the liberal press.

Some pundits say that when her father pushed for a total ban on Transgenders  from serving in the military, she should at least have had a little discussion with her father and used her role as Presidential advisor to counsel her father.

Others claimed that she let down the LGBT community only months after she had tweeted her total support for them.

What is your opinion? Is Ivanka Trump a good role model for young American women?