The First Full Solar Eclipse in 99 Years, a DEMAGOGUE in the White House, a crisis with North Korea, The US Air Force on the Highest Alert ever, the RUMORS just can’t stop. Here’s what people are saying…..

Unfortunately, majority of Americans have outright rejected the scientific/Government explanation for the total Solar Eclipse that is just unfolding and will blanket the entire country from coast to coast.

In America, millions are suspicious of Government or official statements and explanations because for a very long time, the Government has been involved in very dubious and scrupulous experiments both scientific and military which better stay classified because when revealed, people would just cry that the Government that is meant to be protecting them is using them as props or toys and experimenting on them.

Take for incident the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment in which the Government experimented on the health of African American men without their knowledge. This controversial experiment started by the Surgeon General and common knowledge among US doctors at the time claimed to help provide treatment and healthcare to a community of African American men. In reality, these men were left untreated intentionally with the devastating disease of syphilis and were being monitored for years to see the effect of syphilis on the body and health of black men. The men in the study obviously then passed on the deadly disease to their wives and partners and syphilis became a pandemic in the community. When the men complained of ill health to their doctors and asked for further examination, they were told they just have “bad blood.”

It’s no wonder that when HIV/AIDS surfaced a few decades after the Tuskegee incident, millions of Americans including some in the Scientific community were very sceptical and up to now conspiracies continue that HIV/AIDS was manufactured in a laboratory as part of biological war fare experiment or population control method that went out of control.

Back to the solar eclipse, the rumours are just going wild. Trump just got back to Washington from his disastrous golfing holiday on the very day of the solar eclipse, the US Air Force is said to be on the highest alert ever- Maximum Red is the code they are using. US B52 nuclear bombers in South Korea near the border with North Korea are fuelled and the pilots are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

North Korea is on high alert too, monitoring the Solar Eclipse online and following events on social media and using their satellites.

There is just no need to fear but one of the biggest rumour was that North Korea could be looking to launch an attack on the US during the total solar eclipse while the US was totally enveloped in darkness and confusion.

North Korea has officially stated that they are for peace and will only attack the US in self-defence if Trump provokes them with an attack. They have made it clear that they will not hesitate to defend themselves and attack the US if Trump continues his dangerous rhetoric.

Evangelical preachers on the other hand have failed to explain the solar eclipse to their followers and have resorted to making up myths and folklores. Prominent Evangelical televangelist Jim Bakker was quoted by a journalist from the Business Standard saying that the solar eclipse was a “punishment from God for the Obama years in which the 44th President allowed same sex marriage to become part of American life.”

Astrologists however said that the solar eclipse means the Trump Presidency is doomed; he will either get impeached or lose the 2020 election.

In other news, many Americans will try to conceive during the solar eclipse as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Those without partners have been advertising online for a “solar eclipse conception partner.”

But whatever happens, we advise you not to listen to the rumours but to just go and enjoy the solar eclipse. Get yourself glasses and protect your eyes.