Brexit Crimes: Passenger Abused on London Train by Man who screamed: “I’m The Next Hitler!”

A passenger who was abused and screamed at in an unprovoked attack on a London Underground train has finally spoken out about the unfortunate incident.

The 31 year old, an Orthodox was travelling on the Northern line from Moorgate to Golders Green, according to an interview he gave in the press after reporting the matter to the Police.

“I felt shocked that the suspect behaved like he did” he said, adding that this is “probably why I did not even think of videoing or taking his picture but also anxious that it could have been a lot worse had he been carrying a weapon.”

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said: “Officers are investigating an incident of hate crime after a 31-year-old man was verbally abused by a fellow passenger. The incident happened on board a Northern Line Tube service from Old Street to Euston on Wednesday, 16 August. The call came into police at shortly before 4.30pm.”

The man, who asked not to be named, said he reported to the BTP and spent 2 hours in Euston station giving a statement, and added that “the passenger next to me got off at Euston and gave a statement.

“Everyone was shocked on the train and many were shaking their heads. I did feel that had things developed to the suspect hitting me then the big English fellow next to me who gave a statement would have stepped in. He told me he was about to push the emergency button.

“Having said that, I think people were more in shock than anything else and it was mostly children and women in the carriage.”

According to The Times of Israel newspaper which carried the main story, the man was dressed in Jewish clothing or a kippah which was easily identified by the man who verbally abused him.

Britain is an entirely free country with a liberal society and people are free to dress and worship as they wish with no fear of intimidation.

However, since the Brexit referendum driven by far right nationalists and which has resulted in Britain leaving the EU, insults, abuse and sometimes physical attacks against foreigners have increased.

The rhetoric in the right wing press and far right groups is extremely negative against “foreigners” or people who are not native British.

Recently, a British man caused outrage when he called Nigel Farage’s radio station LBC to protest against “foreigners” speaking other languages besides English. He suggested live on air that only English should be allowed to be spoken in Britain and all other languages should be banned.

He didn’t explain how that would be enforced and who would be paying for extra police to monitor the streets to make sure only English was spoken.