The Independent CAN’T WAIT for the Queen to DIE. Here’s what they Predicted is Going to Happen in the next few Years!!

The Independent News caused outrage online after publishing an article predicting what will happen “in the next few years” and asking readers to consider the Queen’s age and claiming that after age 90 which is the Queen’s age, there are not many years to be expected.

The article, which was more like a prophecy of doom, has simply gone viral online, causing divided opinion between Monarchists and “Republicans.”

The Independent claimed that when the Queen dies, Britain will grind to a halt for a good two weeks and all economic activity will come to a stop. It will cost the economy billions of pounds in lost business activity.

The Independent says: And both the funeral and the subsequent coronation will become formal national holidays, each with an estimated economic hit to GDP of between £1.2 and £6 billion as banks, businesses and the stock markets close, to say nothing of organisational costs.

So for two weeks the economy will stop and lose £6 billion! The popular London newspaper went on to claim that the death of the Queen will be the most disruptive event since Second World War, the BBC will cancel all comedy shows and the entire Commonwealth may even collapse.

“It will be an event unlike anything Britain has seen since the end of the Second World War,” the article stated.

Many readers were not amused and took to social media to complain. Andrew Smith did not read the article’s heading clearly and at first thought the Queen had died! Then at closer look he saw that it was about a speculation of what would happen when the Queen died. He slammed the article as insensitive.

A woman who said she was not a fan of the Monarchy but had no ill will towards the Queen said the story was totally disgusting and asked, “How is this news even?”

Other commentators claimed that her death will not be the most disruptive event and that Brexit will be the most disruptive event of the century, causing changes to Britain like never seen before.

Some readers claimed that the event will lead to the BBC bombarding the world with endless tributes and propaganda through their international mega corporations- BBC World and BBC America.

But overall, many readers slammed The Independent for the article, many calling it “outright disgusting” while others said it was “in poor taste.”

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