Nigel Farage Says He’s to Become the Second  British Politician after Churchill to Be Featured in a Major Hollywood Movie as Talks of a Brexit Biopic are Confirmed

Nigel Farage is to be featured in a major Hollywood movie as his benefactor, insurance millionaire Aaron Banks has secured a deal with a Hollywood studio to make a film about Brexit with Nigel Farage as the lead character.

In an interview with the BBC, Nigel Farage confirmed that the movie was to go ahead and his character would be played by Benedict Cumberbatch although Farage said he’d have loved to be part of the film and play his own part.

“It will be one of the best British political films and people will be excited when it hits the cinemas,” he said later on his radio show.

Mr Farage says that Donald Trump played a big role in ensuring an interest by Hollywood in the Brexit movie. “My connection with Trump is of major interest to Hollywood and in part one of the reasons why this movie and Brexit will continue to be of huge interest in America.”

The Guardian has predicted that it may turn out to be the film no one wants to see.

However, speculation on the internet has begun that the “major Hollywood studio” that Nigel Farage and his associates refuse to name is likely to be minor TV studio in California that helps “Indy films” and that Nigel Farage’s benefactor Aaron Banks will pay for the movie to be produced and then hope to make money on cinema tickets or on licensing should the movie be shown on major TV stations.

The fact that Aaron Banks is so involved in the movie and that Nigel Farage will be a producer has made people speculate that Nigel Farage and Mr Banks will pay for the movie to be made so as to cement their reputation and their Brexit legacy.

“The reality is that this is a self-funded Indy film. The Brexit group will put together a fee and hire a US based film production Company to shoot the film. That’s the reason they can’t name the ‘major Hollywood studio that approached them to make the film’ because it doesn’t work like that. If say Universal Studio was to make the film, a press release would be out already, and marketing would already have started way before the film starts shooting,” said said Jacob Isenberg, a film producer in Los Angeles.

The timing of the film also is about right; coming at a time when the British public has tired of Brexit and many more people are becoming sceptical of Brexit each passing day.

It remains to be seen if Nigel Farage’s film will become one of the most popular British political films ever.

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