He is a FAKE PRESIDENT! Declares the Influential Chicago Sun Times after Trump’s Strange and Bigoted Behaviour over Charlottesville

Wednesday’s copy of the Chicago Sun Times spelled out clearly what most of America and the world has long been saying about Trump; he is a fake president and has turned America into the laughing stock of the world. The influential Chicago newspaper put in bold letters on their front page “Fake President” and also titled their editorial “America’s bigot in chief.”

They have been really patient with Trump and given him a benefit of doubt for a very long time until the deadly clashes at Charlottesville, the aftermath and his response and speeches defending the White Supremacists who caused deadly rampage. It wasn’t just defending the White Supremacists and neo Nazis but Trump went even further and declared them, in his own words “very fine people protesting against the removal of the Confederate Statues.”

The Chicago Sun Times story came after Trump’s press conference in which he appeared to walk back on his comments in his second speech , then reverted to his first speech and blamed the violence at Charlottesville on both sides.  Three people died over the weekend during alt-right/white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, but it was the President’s reaction that really got people mad. Trump said in the press conference that there is “blame on both sides” and that both groups have “very nice people.” Which has gotten lots of backlash,

Trump was wrong. The violence was a handiwork of the White Supremacists and the neo Nazis who had turned up in Charlottesville waving nazi flags, confederate flags and paramilitary gear.

A young man whose mother later revealed was a Trump supporter weaponized his car, intentionally driving it into a crowd of protestors, killing one woman and seriously wounding many others.

The alt-right supporters were clearly neo-nazis and White Supremacists waving nazi and confederate flags.

Trump defended their protest against removing the statue of Confederate hero Robert E.Lee whom the President equated to George Washington. He made a clear suggestion that he doesn’t want the Confederate Statues removed.

“Where does this stop? Shall we remove the statue of George Washington too? We are changing our culture, our history,” he claimed.

The editorial was very similar, as one would expect with a headline like “Donald Trump, America’s bigot in chief.” The editorial board starts with a call to arms, “Children, cover your ears. Decent people, speak out. Fellow Americans, do you share our sense of shame?” The piece says just when you thought Trump couldn’t embarrass the country more, he does, and that he finally went off the rails.

“Trump is to blame. He’s been welcoming haters out of their holes and into the sunlight since before he even ran for office,” the story said. “The haters who marched in Charlottesville carried photos of Trump. A better president — a better man — would have cried at the sight. This is how Donald Trump will go down in American history, as our bigot in chief.”