British Politician Loses Her Job after Writing Article About “Muslim Rape”, Far Right Groups Send Her Support and Encouragement, Claim Political Correctness Has Gone too Far

Labour shadow minister Sarah Champion has quit the party’s front bench after criticism over a newspaper article she wrote about grooming gangs.

The Rotherham MP wrote in the Sun on Friday that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.

She has expressed regret and apologised for her “poor choice of words” but lost her job nevertheless.

Ms Champion’s article was written after 17 men were convicted of forcing girls in Newcastle to have sex.

The men, who were mostly British-born, were from Iraqi, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian and Turkish communities.

She wrote the article in The Sun newspaper, a popular British tabloid that is well known for printing controversial and extra ordinary claims. The Sun newspaper has been printing endlessly about the “Muslim Problem” insinuating that rape is endemic among the Muslim Community in the UK.

Below is the headline of how Sarah Champion’s article appeared in the tabloid newspaper online.

Sarah Champion has apologised for her poor wording of her article that drew criticism from Politicians and also the Muslim Community.

Before writing the article for the Sun, she had earlier spoken during an interview on BBC Radio 4 and said that people were not raising potential cases of child abuse as they feared being labelled racist.

Britain has been inundated with problems of sexual grooming gangs and paedophiles for the past several years.

A few weeks ago, in late July, a 15 year old British girl was raped twice in one night by two Asian men according to news reports. To read more on this story, follow this link to the Guardian

The police are still investigating the above crime.

Sarah Champion is likely to continue her work campaigning for the protection of women and children even after losing her high profile role in the opposition cabinet.

Nigel Farage, a high profile member of Britain’s far right and former leader of UKIP who spearheaded the BREXIT campaign to get Britain out of the EU heaped praise on Sarah Chapman and said she did not deserve to lose her job.

Mr Farage blamed the controversy on “political correctness gone wrong” and said in a tweet: “Telling the truth about tough issues is now impossible in the modern Labour Party. Pathetic.”