America Is Being Overrun By Nazis and White Supremacists But Trump’s Priority Will Be Attacking Venezuela To Install Democracy

Trump has said he will not allow the people of Venezuela to live without freedom, civil rights, healthcare, security and has indicated that he will be ready to use military force, invade the South American country and then install Democracy.

A Spokesman from the Pentagon said that they are fully ready and will only wait for the President’s order and then they can attack Venezuela if that’s what Trump orders.

While it is an honourable endeavour for Trump to feel concern for the people of Venezuela whom he says are living in a dictatorship and without human rights, it would be even more honourable if he can sort out the problems in his own backyard first.

The events in Charlottesville exposed the ugly deep rooted problems in American society, gun crime in cities like Chicago does not really represent the America that Trump claims is the safest and best place on earth, the police shootings of black men one after another, the persecution of the LGBT community and denying them equal opportunities to serve in the military and hold jobs in other public institutions. Fortunately, no country has threatened to attack America to install Democracy and fix problems like discrimination against the LGBT community, racism, police shootings of men of colour or even as a protest against the popular vote.

Not a year in office and Trump dropped a MOAB weapon in Afghanistan, Struck Syria, is threatening to start a war of all wars with North Korea and also start a military campaign against Venezuela.

And this from a man who during his Presidential campaigns claimed that his strategy would be “America First”.  He said other countries would have to solve their own problems and he was not going to continue the tradition of deploying American troops to fights wars all over the world.

Trump continues to live in denial, claiming that Americans are enjoying the best Democracy on earth while he confronts and threatens to start military action against other countries because they have no Democracy.

While the people of Venezuela deserve to live in a free and democratic society, the belief that only military action can bring about that democracy is dumb. The United States launched wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to topple dictators and bring American style Democracy to those countries and it only led to societies and institutions in those countries taking a downward spiral into lawlessness, rise of radical militants and years of war and strife.

Trump continues to display a lack of political and diplomatic experience every time he makes big decisions. Hillary Clinton would have handled foreign policy a lot better.

Opinion by: Philip Smith PhD