Melania Has Failed To Have a Calming Influence on Trump, Says Psychology Professor

A Psychology Professor says Melania has failed to have a calming influence on Trump even after her move into the White House months after Trump had been living alone as a “bachelor” while his wife and young son stayed back in New York.

Andrew Kalum PhD says that Trump has “once again been tested and found wanting.”

“His outbursts on the North Korea crisis, the angry and threatening tweets towards North Korea that could have easily sparked a nuclear war and his attacks on Mitch McConnell and his public dismissal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a wimp show that Trump is still the same angry, volatile, unpredictable person. Nothing has changed,” said Dr Kalum.

When Trump won the Presidency, his wife Melania was not interested in joining him at the White House and she stayed back in New York at their Trump Tower penthouse. Trump at the time claimed that the reason Melania had stayed behind was because their young son Barron had to attend school in New York but this explanation failed to hold water since all new Presidents relocate to Washington and their children can easily find good schools in Washington.

According to sources in Washington, Trump had to plead and beg Melania to come join him in Washington and finally she agreed.

When Melania finally moved from New York to join Trump at the White House, there was much hope and celebration in the Republican Party and amongst Trump’s supporters that finally Melania was going to work her magic and help calm down Trump who was becoming more unpredictable and his mood swings getting worse. He was attacking reporters, sending out angry and derogatory tweets at 3am and it was hoped that with Melania at the White House, things would change.

It’s been months since Melania went to live at the White House but things are still the same for Trump, if not worse. He has since been involved in Twitter rants with MSNBC pundits, attacked former President Obama on Twitter and for the past few days has been engaging in very provocative tweets with North Korea threatening to destroy the nuclear rogue state with “fire and fury.”

And while he is “preaparing” to attack North Korea, he has already started another conflict- Venezuela. Trump says he will not rule out military action in Venezuela because the country has no “Democracy.” He has called Venezuelan President Maduro a dictator who is oppressing his people.

While it is an honourable endeavour that Trump wants to save the people of Venezuela from dictatorship, it’d be even more honourable if he first solved the problems in his own backyard- the killings of young black men by police, the high homicide rates in Chicago that’s made it one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the rise of the KKK and Nazi groups in America.

Trump should for a moment forget starting wars with North Korea and Venezuela and focus on his problems at home.

Clearly, Melania has failed to calm down Trump.

Image credit: New York Times