Charlottesville: Nazi Website Praises Man Who Drove Car into Crowd as a HERO, Thanks Trump for His Generous Speech

Face of Evil: James Fields

A Nazi website has said the man who drove a car into a crowd at a protest in Charlottesville is a hero. The incident in which a 20 year old White Supremacist James Fields drove a car into a crowd led to the death of one woman, a 32 year old lawyer and 19 people were severely injured.

The Nazi site, known as The Daily Stormer  went on to defame the woman who was killed in the incident by writing derogatory things about her, talking about her family and how she had no children.

The Nazi site, which financially relies on donations and contributions from its readers in the far right and conservative circles , among them Conservative women has articles shaming women, claiming overweight women are useless to society and also stating that women who are over the age of thirty and with no children are useless to society. It also blames white women who are standing up against White Supremacists and claims that such women hate their own race.

It’s in that breadth that the Nazi site tried to defame the lawyer who was killed when a White Supremacist drove a car into the rally.

The site claimed that the actions of the driver, James Fields were heroic.

The Nazi site then went on to thank Donald Trump for his speech on Charlottesville in which he refused to single out the White Supremacist groups and instead blamed the violence on “both sides.” An article on the site pointed out that they were very happy with trump’s speech and also pointed out that the media had tried several times to make Trump condemn the White Supremacists but he had refused.

While most of the media criticised Trump’s response and his speech on the events in Charlottesville, the Nazi website praised him for being there for them and in an open appeal on their website, wrote to Trump saying:  “Mr President, do not cuck on us. We have been there for you this whole time. We have worked hard. Don’t let these people force you into doing something you know is wrong.”, the internet company that has been hosting the Nazi website has severed all connections with the alt Right Nazi site and it is expected the website will cease operation in 24 hours. It is not known if the Nazi site will find another hosting company and continue operation.