LONDON is now one of The MOST DANGEROUS Cities in the World: Knife Stabbings, Acid Attacks, Moped Gangs, a Woman Pushed onto the Path of a Moving Bus

In London, Society has totally broken down. The wealthy are fleeing or they just buy homes in the British capital just to rent out (taking advantage of the sky high price of housing) and live elsewhere, and no one should blame them. London has gotten dangerous and  one can feel the tension on the packed trains during rush hour.

Glance at a fellow commuter and you could be punched and your nose broken into pieces for “giving him the evil eye” or looking at them in a bad way. Politely ask someone on public transport to turn down their music because it’s too loud and you could go home with a bloody nose and maybe a concussion.

Find a group of teenagers fighting and try to become a peace maker and stop them from hitting each other and you may end up stabbed and bleeding to death on the brutal streets of London. Knives are everywhere! Gangs carry knives everywhere they go since guns are heavily regulated and controlled in Britain. Gangs still buy guns on the dark web but Britain does not really have a gun culture, it’s all about the knife culture!


When the government tried to apply strict regulation on teenager buying dangerous knives from shops, now gangs which consist mainly of teenagers as the foot soldiers use kitchen knives which can be bought from any shop.

Also, older gang members can legally buy machettes and dangerous knives which they hand over to the younger members of the gangs who are sent out to do the dirty work all over London.  Brutal murders have been so common that every now and then when you are walking through the city of London, it’s not hard to find a temporary memorial- flowers, cards, handwritten notes and a photo of the victim at any street corner or at a bus stop. It means someone was killed at that very spot.

Last week, a woman was walking on the pedestrian way along Putney Bridge in London, minding her business. She did not even provoke anyone because the whole incident was caught on surveillance camera (There are hundreds of thousands of these CCTV cameras all over London for obvious reasons!) Then in an unexpected attack that shocked everyone who say the footage afterwards, a jogger, a man in a T-shirt, sports shorts and running shoes who was running from the opposite direction abruptly pushed the woman from the sidewalk onto the path of a fast approaching bus. The jogger simply kept jogging as if nothing had happened, he didn’t look back, didn’t stop.

If it wasn’t for the very alert and skilled driver who quickly swerved the bus away from his lane and as far away from the woman as possible, she’d have suffered a violent and gruesome death. Had this happened, the driver, the passengers on the bus and the emergency crews who would have attended the scene would have become traumatized and disturbed. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.


What anyone reading this can learn from that is that if you are going about your business in London, whether tourist or city dweller, be very careful. Watch everyone around you. Don’t get pushed onto the path of a moving bus.

Another thing to watch out for is train platforms. When waiting for a train, watch your back, keep as far away as possible from the train path. Someone can push you onto the path of a train coming onto the platform for no reason!

Motorbike robbers or Moped gangs as they are known in London are a menace. The gang arrives unexpectedly at a premises they are going to rob all wearing helmets. The passengers get off the motorbikes with crowbars, knives, hammers and other weapons then go into a shop or store and threaten the staff. Then rob money, jewellery, expensive watches, high tech valuables and within minutes they are back on their motorbikes and then briskly zip through the London traffic. Police on cars can’t catch up especially in central London where the roads are clogged with traffic.

These small motorbikes give them the advantage of zipping in and out of traffic and even taking detours through back streets. These motorbikes can also be rode on sidewalks and pavements hence giving the riders a quick gate away.

ACID ATTACKS have quickly become a menace in the British capital. Scores of people have been attacked with acid poured over their faces and bodies, scarring them for life. The acid scourge has actually become a common method used by organised criminals, gangs and just about any hoodlum in London. The situation has become so bad that even political disagreements can lead to acid attacks.

Gina Miller, a political campaigner who has been speaking against Brexit has been threatened with acid attacks by members of British far right groups. She is likely to flee the country as it has become unsafe for her.