Donald Trump Should Be Relieved Of The Powers of The Presidency at The Earliest Date, Says Former Republican Senator

Former Republican Sen. Gordon Humphrey (N.H.) said the commander in chief is “sick of mind” and urged New Hampshire’s lawmakers to support calls to remove him from office.

Mr Humphrey wrote to Rep. Ann McLane Kuster accusing Trump of escalating the North Korea situation with his aggressive rhetoric on Twitter. In the letter, the former Republican Senator wrote that:

“President Trump’s threat to rain down ‘fire and fury’ on North Korea is like pouring gasoline on a fire,” Humphrey wrote. “It’s crazy.”

“Donald Trump is seriously sick. He is dangerous,” Humphrey said in the letter. “As a citizen, former U.S. Senator, and twelve-year member of the Armed Services Committee, I urge you to act [at] once.

“Donald Trump should be relieved of the powers of the presidency at the earliest date.”

Humphrey said the escalating crisis with North Korea compels Congress to act.

“Donald Trump is impaired by a seriously sick psyche,” he wrote. “His sick mind and reckless conduct could consume the lives of millions.”

According to news reports in, Humphrey in the letter advises Kuster to establish a bill in the House that would establish a test to see if the President is fit for office.

Humphrey has been a long time critic of Donald Trump and did not support him even through out the 2016 US Presidential elections. Even back then, he maintained that Trump was not the right person to lead America.

He has been silent about Trump since he took office and only finally broke his silence after the North Korea situation that is causing fear and panic in the United States and the world. There is fear of a nuclear war breaking out soon which will be catastrophic.

The last time nuclear weapons were used in war is in 1945 towards the end of the Second World War when the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cities were literally flattened, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and ecological disasters and diseases followed for decades after.

Since 1945, the United Nations has worked tirelessly to ensure that the world never sees nuclear weapons used in war. Campaigns to get rid of all nuclear weapons and have a nuclear free world have so far failed.