Mitch McConnell Faces Immediate BACKLASH From Trump And His Supporters after Highlighting The President’s lack of Political Experience and Over Expectations

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Mitch McConnell’s job was once the darling of the Republican Party but he’s about to be sidelined and hang out to dry publicly by Trump. He is likely to face the same humiliation as Anthony Scaramucci after his fall out the volatile President whom he said is inexperienced. His confrontation and public feud with Trump has now come to fever pitch after Trump warned him on Twitter that he should just get back to work, get repeal done and bring brings to sign and suggested that if he can’t deliver, Trump suggested he should step aside.

Mitch McConnell had earlier shifted blame on Trump and said that Trump had simply expected a lot than could be delivered on Obamacare repeal.

Mitch McConnell rose to nationwide infamy after his aggressive tactics and after he made it clear that his ambition was to completely destroy Obamacare even if it meant millions of ordinary Americans would be losing their health insurance.

He promised Trump that the agenda of repealing and replacing Obama care would be successful but it did not work out quite that way. Their idea of destroying Obama care and replacing it with Trumpcare failed after Senator John McCain refused on principle to side with the hard line Republicans.

McCain said Trumpcare wasn’t fully thought through and millions would lose their medical cover after repealing Obamacare.

Trump yesterday signalled on Twitter that Mitch McConnell could be on his way out and immediately Trump supporters agreed.

Trump supporters say McConnell did not do enough on Healthcare repeal but he insists that Trump had bigger expectations than could be achieved.

McConnell’s problems started after he said that:  “Our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before,” said McConnell according to CNN affiliate WCPO which covered the event. “I think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process.”

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