Trump Went Online, Posted Threatening Tweets At North Korea Almost Causing A Nuclear War, then Immediately Went Back To Playing GOLF!!

Trump latest tweets almost brought America to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. The provocative tweets were posted by the President in which he berated North Korea and warned them of “fire and fury like the world has never seen before.”

It is reported that Trump did not inform his staff or military generals prior to sending the tweets and the military generals were all caught unawares, with many fearing a start to the dreaded nuclear war.

It has been reported that just minutes after posting the threatening tweets against North Korea, Trump put his phone on the table and went back to playing golf. He played 18 holes that day!

Majority of Americans and North Koreans are now living in uncertainty, fearful of waking up and finding their cities decimated to fireballs and people dying.

Trump has failed to diplomatically resolve the confrontation with North Korea and has instead chosen to use a language of threats and intimidation.

It is believed the US has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world 10 times over and the President of the United States is the one with the authority to launch the nuclear codes.

Pundits have said they do not think Trump has the temperament to handle such a volatile situation and they are all worried it may end disastrously.

Hillary Clinton famously said: “You cannot entrust a man who can easily get baited with a tweet with our nuclear codes.”

Many Americans agree with that statement. Senator John McCain has said the best way to resolve the crisis is to involve China and let China work as a go-between the US and North Korea.

North Korea has dismissed Trump’s tweets as “a load of nonsense” and said that his arrogance and attitude makes it even harder for any kind of dialogue.