Trump Supporters Attack and Insult Mark Zuckerberg in the Most DISGUSTING  and DISTRURBING Manner EVER! Accuse him of wanting to run for President In 2020

An influential grass roots support group for Trump has attacked Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the most disgusting and repulsive manner possible, accusing him of preparing to run for President in 2020 and then accusing him of being a “globalist.”

They made clear that 2020 is reserved only for Trump and they will not allow Mark Zuckerberg to try to get in. The group has started a campaign by placing abusive posters in strategic locations in California and also printing out hundreds of T-Shirts that are mocking and insulting Mr Zuckerberg.

Trump supporters also accused Mark Zuckerberg of being sympathetic to Liberal causes and said he holds liberal views.

After the scathing attacks on Zuckerberg, Conspiracy theorist and white nationalist Alex Jones went on his InfoWars radio show to praise the group and said they were doing very good work for Trump.

He also encouraged his listeners to buy the anti-Zuckerberg T shirts and memorabilia and called for Trump supporters to put up more anti-Zuckerberg posters across US major cities.Jones also mentioned the name of the online store where they can buy these T-shirts and posters.

Alex Jones is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump and peddles the Sandy Hook Conspiracy, claiming that the Sandy Hook Massacre never happened and that it was all staged so the Government could regulate weapons and gun ownership in America.

President Donald Trump is a big fan of Alex Jones and at one time said that Jones was his favourite media guy.

Mark Zuckerberg has not commented on the insults and attacks from Trump supporters.  The irony is that these Trump supporters also run a big Facebook page @unsavoryagents where they have posted all the anti- Zuckerberg posters and insulting posters. Some of the posters are so abusive and disgusting that we can’t even publish them on here.

It is unknown if Mark Zuckerberg will take action and block the abusive and hate filled facebook page of these Trump supporters.