Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Should Be In PRISON For BREXIT LIES, Says Alan Sugar. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

Lord Alan Sugar, a former labour peer and the presenter of The Apprentice says that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be in prison for their Brexit lies.

Lord Sugar said that Boris and Gove should “100 per cent absolutely be thrown in jail for claiming the NHS would be £350 million richer if Britain left the EU.”

“I mean, absolutely. Or at least they should have a criminal record,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Emma Barnett show when asked whether Tory ministers should be imprisoned.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove endorsed and peddled the false claim that the UK gives £350 million a week to the EU, which could instead be used to fund the NHS.

This claim that turned out to be absolutely fake and false is thought to have originated in the Conservative Party circles but was also used widely by Nigel Farage on his campaign for Brexit.

Lord Sugar also said that many of the people who voted for Brexit were voting because of the false promise and fake statistics that Britain was giving away £350 million per week to the EU.

The Independent reports that the head of the UK Statistics Authority cautioned the Vote Leave campaign about the false figures and misleading claim of the £350 million a week transfer of funds to the EU but the Vote Leave campaign continued to use the statistics and claim anyway.

“How many of the people who voted believed that lie about the £350 million…that would be redeployed in the NHS.If you took that number that voted solely for that reason, we would not be leaving the EU,” Lord Sugar said.

“In three to four years’ time, people will be kicking themselves for leaving the EU. Their lifestyle will change, their total lie will change, and that has been caused by a lie!” Lord Sugar said.

Should Boris Johnson and Michael Gove be in prison for the Brexit lies? Do you agree with Lord Sugar? Yes or No?