Trump Model Management Company SHUTS DOWN Amidst Sex Pest Allegations, Human Trafficking, Harassment and Scandalous Video Tapes Allegedly Featuring Donald Trump

Trump’s love of models made him start a Model Management Company that is now in the middle of a serious controversy and criminal, scandalous allegations.

Trump Model Management Company has now shut down following a series of claims from models who were sexually harassed but the fever pitch that has rocked the Company and led it to shut is much more serious than just sexual harassment and names the President Donald Trump as a participant in the illegal sordid acts that took place at Trump Model management Company.

Trump Model Management Company has been named as a party involved in trafficking of women who have become victims of a series of sexual crimes.


A Russian “fixer” is named as a go-between who arranged for the women to sign up and work for Trump Models Company under dubious circumstances. The Russian “fixer” is allegedly linked to the notorious Russian mafia and there is a possibility this Russian “go-between” was involved in the making of the alleged video tapes which a former British politician Louise Mensch says feature Donald Trump personally involved in questionable sexual acts.

Louise Mensch confirmed the tapes and confirmed the President is personally involved in the tapes but said she is not allowed to say if the model in the tape was under age or not.

Louise Mensch also tweeted the FBI and Trump Model management Company and both did not respond to her tweet. She says the FBI has already acquired the tapes which will likely put the FBI in an awkward situation. At a certain point, the FBI may have to confirm or deny that they have the said tapes.

Trump Model Management did not respond to any questions or queries. Instead, they have set their Twitter account @TrumpModels  to private, which is bizarre for a Model Management Company. Their website has also been taken offline.

If these video tapes exist, they will have been made by the Russian mafia who are notorious for extortion and blackmail.

President Donald Trump and his counsellor Kellyanne Conway are very aware of these allegations as they have been contacted on Twitter about the allegations and have been made aware of the #PIMPOTOUS hashtag that has been trending on Twitter as a result of the scandal.

Trump and Kellyanne Conway have not commented on the issue nor deny the allegations and as a result this has fuelled further speculation online especially on Twitter where some are claiming that the victims of human trafficking were mainly teenage girls.

The story is still unfolding and can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #PIMPOTUS #TrumpModels