LAZY BOY: Newsweek’s Latest Cover Piles Further Humiliation on Trump as He Goes on a 17 Day Vacation

Newsweek’s latest cover that depicts Trump gorging himself on junk food and watching TV has piled further humiliation on the President who has gone for a 17 day vacation despite having claimed that he never takes vacations.

“If you have a job and you need to take a vacation from that job then you hate your job. You shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” he once said before he became President. His past statements and tweets are continuing to catch up with him.

He also criticized Obama for playing golf and said he’d never have time to play golf if he became President as he’d be busy fixing the country. But Trump has already played a lot more golf and had more vacations than Obama did at 6 months.  The bill to the tax payer of Trump’s vacations and travel expenses are high too.

Reports say that Trump and his family travel expenses cost $11 million per month which is equivalent to what Obama’s yearly travel bill was.

The latest Newsweek cover touched on a raw nerve but was on point. It details how many tweets the President has sent for the past six months, how many golf holidays, his failed policies, his healthcare policy, border wall, travel ban.

The cover which showed Trump with his favourite junk food and fizzy sugary drinks has provoked Trump supporters who said they will boycott the magazine.

On the Newsweek cover, Trump is seen guzzling down cans of Diet Coke, eating Cheetos and holding a bag full of McDonald’s fries and burgers. Trump is well known for his love of junk food, sugary drinks, chocolates, candy and Doritos. His favorite snack however was Oreos but he stopped eating Oreos in protest against the Oreo’s manufacturer moving the production plant from Chicago to Mexico.