A Former British Politician Has Made Very Serious Allegations Against Donald Trump

Louise Mensch, former Conservative Party MP

Louise Mensch, a former British politician has gone on the record and publicly accused the President of the United States Donald Trump of engaging in sexual acts with victims of human trafficking.

Louise Mensch, a former Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Corby, posted a string of allegations on Twitter in which she says she has knowledge of video tapes that show the President PERSONALLY committing “illegal” sexual acts with the victims.

The former Conservative Politician also suggests that she has seen the contents of the said tapes first hand.  She has also claimed that the FBI has also acquired the said tapes and has also, in the series of tweets tagged the @FBI Twitter handle. By doing so, she will be putting pressure on the FBI to confirm or deny whether they have these tapes or not.

She wrote on Twitter that: There are tapes, video tapes, involving @realDonaldTrump personally committing illegal sexual acts with trafficked victims #PIMPOTUS

When asked on twitter if the victims were adults or minors, she said “I’m not permitted to say.”

She also wrote on Twitter that: I’m not yet allowed to report on the detail of what #PIMPOTUS does to his helpless victim on the tape. It is in possession of @FBI Mueller

Louise Mensch also confirms that the main source of the story is a “go-between” who worked for organised crime syndicates in Russia supplying girls/women to a company known as “Trump Model Management.” Trump Model Management Company has not responded to the queries on Twitter and instead they have closed their Twitter account to the Public, putting it on Private. A model Management Company would normally have their account open fully to the public. The now closed off Twitter handle is @TrumpModels. It is not known if they will set the account to public again.

As a well-educated Politician who served in the British Parliament, it is expected that Louise Mensch is well aware of the legal implications and backlash should these accusations be not valid. The fact that she is willing to put her reputation on the line is already convincing many that she has actually seen the tapes as pundits say no one would speculate on such a subject unless they have not only seen the tapes but replayed them and studied them over and over again.

The hashtag #PIMPOTUS is trending on Twitter as a result of the claims and opinion is divided whether these claims are fact or conspiracy.

Louise Mensch’s Twitter handle is: @LouiseMensch

Donald Trump: @realDonaldTrump

Trump Models Management Company: @TrumpModels

FBI:       @FBI


Editor’s Note: We don’t know about the tapes if they exist or not. We haven’t seen the video tapes. And we don’t know if it’s true or not. We are only reporting the fact that a former British Member of parliament has brought it up. And we are reporting what the allegations from the MP are.

The story was also reported by a British popular political site Evolve Politics