Hope Hicks: Twitter Is Going NUTS Over Trump’s Rumored New Girlfriend

Hope Hicks is the President’s right hand woman and adviser. She’s only 28 years old , 7 years younger than Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Trump himself is 71 years old and says he’s happily married to Melania but this did not stop the Internet speculating about Hope Hicks.

Hope Hicks is Trump’s director of communication strategy at the White House. She doesn’t tweet, doesn’t do interviews, doesn’t write press releases, doesn’t speak to the media at Press conferences and has completely been out of the limelight until the #HopeHicks situation on Twitter.

Reports on Twitter say her office is just next to Trump’s oval office. She draws a very good salary. She earns the same amount as Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, a salary of $179,000 excluding other benefits like travel, health insurance, allowances, pension, personal security.

To put that into perspective, Hope Hicks earns just about the same salary as the Prime Minister of Britain!!!

The search engine Google has become inundated by searches of “Hope Hicks Trump relationship” or related key words in the past few days. Just typing “Hope Hicks” into Google will give you a suggestion of “Hope Hicks Trump relationship”.

Gossip magazines have also published endlessly on the issue and a look on some of the most popular gossip mags’ websites will confirm they are as curious as the rest of America about the Hope Hicks situation.

Other details are coming out slowly like the deep friendship between the duo. Trum has a pet name for Hope Hicks and it’s “Hopester”. Hicks also has a pet name for Trump which you can search and find on Google. Hicks also has a pet name for Trump which you can search and find on Google.

On Twitter, the Hope Hicks situation has been trending for the past few days. Just searching with the #HopeHicks hashtag will reveal the amount of activity, speculation, gossip and conspiracies about Trump and Hope Hicks.

So many people are commenting and other have even made bets of hundreds of dollars on the Hope Hicks situation to be true.

The only thing that can stop these rumours and speculation is if Trump can address these rumours and put a stop to the speculation. By keeping quiet about the situation, he’s allowing the speculation and rumours to escalate and keep trending on the internet.

If Trump is too busy to address this situation, then he should at least send Kellyanne Conway to talk about the #HopeHicks situation and eventually end all the rumours.