GRAB THEM By The Liberty: New York Daily News Cover Rattles Trump Supporters

Trump supporters on Facebook have announced their displeasure with 3rd August’s cover of The New York Daily News, describing it as obscene and unacceptable. The main story was however illustrating Trump’s immigration policies and their assault on America’s idea of freedom.

The Daily News’ cover which depicted Trump grabbing the Statue of Liberty with the words “Grab them by the liberty” hit raw nerves when it brought back bad memories of Trump’s Access Hollywood tape in which he bragged to Billy Bush that “he grabs women by the p*ussy.” In the now infamous tape that is available on Youtube, he said: “If you’re a star. They let you do it. You don’t have to ask, you just grab them by the P*ussy!”

When the video leaked, Trump brushed it off as normal locker room talk but Billy Bush was immediately fired from his job and has since gone on to lead a very low profile life.

The derogatory comments were thought to have the capacity to derail the then Presidential ambitions but his supporters said they wouldn’t care what Trump said or did, they would still vote for him.

In fact, at one point during his campaign, he bragged that, “I could shoot someone in the middle of New York City and I’d still win the election and become President.”

Political pundits say he couldn’t have been further from the truth. Scandal after scandal, his supporters popularly dubbed “the Trumpetters” have continued to support him and declare their love and admiration.

Even with the Russia-Collusion claims, his supporters have said they don’t care about Russia at all and don’t care about the fact that Russian hackers influenced and are likely to continue to influence US elections and democracy.