Trump Says The White House Is A DUMP, Washington Is A CESSPOOL

Trump’s insults are going too far and now Americans have taken to social media to protest his description of the White House as “a dump” and Washington “a cesspool.”

It has been reported that the reason Trump gets away from the White House often and spends much time visiting his golf courses and properties is because he can’t stand the White House which he has described a dump. reports that during a recent visit to his New Jersey golf club which he has visited frequently since his inauguration, he (Trump) told fellow members the reason he frequents his own properties.

“That White House is a real dump,” he said. According to the story, Trump also erected an anti-Hillary shrine in the golf course men’s locker room and also blared Fox News at top volume.

Regarding the President’s golfing ability, the report suggested that Trump talks golf more than he can actually play it.  The people who have played golf with Trump over the years told that the President “doesn’t play a round of golf so much as narrate it, with his commentary peppered with hyperbole.”

Besides describing the White House as a dump, Trump has during a speech to scouts at a recent jamboree described Washington to the teenage scouts as a “cesspool”. Many parents of the scouts were not happy with Trump’s vulgar language and his politicising a speech to the scouts.

Trump is an egomaniac who has continued to belittle his political opponents and even the Government institutions. Insulting the White House is not a one off, nor is insulting Washington.

During the Presidential campaigns, Trump had sent out rumours amongst his supporters claiming that when he became President, he would not travel on Air Force One because it is not as advanced or as beautiful as his own aircraft.  The rumours intensified and all his supporters believed that Trump would be using his own aircraft when he becomes President.

While he claims to have the most expensive and advanced personal aircraft in America, aviation experts have debunked his claim. They point out that his aircraft is more than 25 years old and he bought it second hand. In fact he is the third or fourth owner of the aircraft. The aircraft flew for a Mexican Airline TAESA Lineas Aereas when new, and then changed ownership several times. Eventually it was owned by a company run by Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen who then sold the jet to Trump in 2011. Trump refitted it with gold and more interior designs.

While his jet is sophisticated for a businessman, it is no match for Air force One as his supporters used to claim. But of all things, Trump should stop insulting the White House.