Scaramucci Missed The Birth Of His Son Because He Was Busy Supporting Trump

White House hothead Anthony Scaramucci who was fired by Trump after only 10 days in the job as Communications Director missed the birth of his son because he was busy supporting Trump.

His wife wife Deidre Ball had begged him to go and support her through labour but Scaramucci made it clear that his main concern was working for Trump to fix the White House.

After this stunning revelation that has been circulating in US tabloids, Americans blasted Scaramucci on social media asking him what his “dumb allegiance” to Trump had helped him to achieve.

“Imagine a man is a given a choice to choose between his wife, a new born baby and Trump and he chooses Trump!” wrote L.K Amelia on twitter who also added that she was happy that Trump had given Scaramucci a taste of his own medicine.

Scaramucci had rejoiced when he got into the White House and fired Spicer and Priebus but political analysts say that Scaramucci had been played by Trump. Trump brought him in to do the dirty work and once the dirty work was finished, there was no role for him at the White House.

Society commentators in Washington said that now that Scaramucci has been ejected out of the White House, there is a possibility that he will try to reconcile with his wife and call off the divorce.

It is unknown if his wife Diedre Ball will take him back after the disgusting manner he has treated her since he got hired by Trump. But what a whirlwind it has been for Scaramucci!

10 days into a White House job, he had a baby he did not go to see, his wife dumped him and Trump fired him. Only 10 days!

Scaramucci has said he is going to sue all the media who are writing about him and his fall from grace.