Naked Ambition Ends In Tears As Scaramucci Is Escorted Out of The White House By Secret Service

Anthony Scaramucci has been fired from his senior role as Communications Director at the White House after only 10 days in the job, setting a record for the shortest career in Trump’s White House.

Scaramucci made his debut only 10 days ago, praising Trump as “a wonderful and genuine human being”, then immediately after the Press Conference, getting his hands dirty and attacking his colleagues in the most nasty and disgusting manner possible.

He blamed them for the leaks, attacked them verbally and threatened to get them all sacked. He managed to get Sean Spicer and the Chief of Staff fired and then went ahead and started a fight that was even too big for him.

We have reported before that Steve Bannon is almost untouchable and anyone picking a fight with him is asking for trouble. Steve Bannon knows where all the skeletons are hidden and that gives him much leverage and power in the White House. Also, he has much control over Breitbart and the right wing media. Trump needs Breitbart and also needs the right wing media. Only Jared Kushner managed to start a fight with Steve Bannon and was left unscathed because he is the President’s son in law. Trump asked Bannon and Kushner to work out their differences which they seem to have done.

Scaramucci, came in and got to work and in attacking Sean Spicer and Priebus, he also  took on Bannon. While he successfully verbally attacked Spicer and Priebus and at the same time got them fired, his attack on Steve Bannon backfired.

Speaking to a New Yorker journalist, Scaramucci described Steve Bannon as a “c*cksucker” and said that “Bannon sucked his own c*ck”(Yes, we quote him word for word and let him deny or sue us, we will provide the transcript of the conversation posted online by the New Yorker Journalist.

Scaramucci has a foul and dirty mouth and so does his boss the “p*ssy grabber.” Birds of a feather!

Steve Bannon refused to comment when asked about Scaramucci insulting him in such a disgusting manner but perhaps Bannon works differently, his action speaks louder than his words.

The final straw also came when Scaramucci blamed his marital breakdown on the Trump administration. Scaramucci has himself to blame and no one in America feels sorry for him.